I wanted to make a post to dedicate/celebrate Black History Month. I'm not sure why, but people and groups like the KKK believe that African Americans do not have a place in this world and that all we are is property, BUT IT IS NOT TRUE. Why are people not to be accepted in this... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Nights In Rodanthe-Nicholas Sparks

Hello again! So I am starting a new series of which I will be reviewing and sharing my thoughts on some books I have read or am reading. I just finished "Nights In Rodanthe" by Nicholas Sparks and I will give it 5/5 stars! This is only the second book, "The Notebook," being the first... Continue Reading →

School Presentation #ootd

Heyyyyyy! So it has been a while since my last post but im BAAAAACCCKKKK! lol. Soo I came to the conclusion that I will be posting on sundays. As I sit here writing this post and watching Project Runway, I think about how much I actually like doing this. Taking pictures, "modeling" for pictures, typing... Continue Reading →

Picture My Life

HAPPY FRIYAY!!!I wanted to get a little more personal by showing y'all some pictures of my family, friends, and I. All of these pictures have backstories and a meaning behind them... I love sharing my life experiences, but I am not going to lie, I never had a picture perfect life/family. To be frank, my... Continue Reading →

#ootd Friday

Helloooo, so i am rethinking about doing blog posts on mondays and fridays becuase I am not fully dedicated to posting as often as I probably should.. My first day of school was last monday, August 29th and it wasn't bad.. I'm a freshman!!!! Lol this is so exciting because I've been dreaming about being... Continue Reading →

How To: Deal With Stress

Hi, so I wanted to make a post all about dealing with stress. I have a lot of this in my life and dealing with it is not easy so I wanted to share some things that might help you! Sooo, shall we get started or what???  #1: Count to 15...counting to 10 doesn't really... Continue Reading →

Body Shaming and Labeling

Body shaming is something people do to feel good about themselves. If we make fun of someone else for the way their body looks, it distracts us from thinking about the way ours do or "should" look. But having the body we were born with is nothing to be ashamed of!! Be proud of what... Continue Reading →

Niagara Falls

Hello! So this blog was supposed to happen 2 months ago but I got side tracked and forgot all about it! SOOOooo, May 26, 2016; my school went on a field trip to Niagara Falls!!!! It was breath taking! It was amazing! Seeing the Falls almost blinded me. lol....It was just....WOW...I have no words. We obviously went to the... Continue Reading →

Summer Favorites/ Essentials

Heyyyy, I am back with a new blog!!! So I was planning in my new planner 🙂 about what I should post about and I figured, maybe I should do a post about my summer essentials/what I mainly use during this summer. My fourth of July was pretty good, my favorite part was the fireworks! What was... Continue Reading →

Small Haul!

Hellllooooo! I haven't posted in over a month...Honestly, I just did not feel like anyone read my blogs so I just stopped. Butttt, I just realized that it is going to take time to get people to read my blogs! So, if you are reading this, I love you! Make sure to like my blogs... Continue Reading →

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