🌸Spring Outfits🌸

Happy Spring! Some of these pictures are candid, so just laugh along with me! This post makes me so much more excited  for summer and SWIMMING! I love swimming... What's your favorite summer activity? OUTFIT DETAILS: #1💚 Shirt:Marshall's(Hollister)-$7.99 Shorts:Marshall's- $5 Sandals: JC Penny-$9.99 Water bottle: Marshall's-$4 #2💖 Shirt: Marshall's-$1 Shorts: Burlington-$13 Wedges: Burlington-$13 #3💩 Shirt:... Continue Reading →

Struggles of Being Mixed😑

Hello everyeveryone! How's your week going so far?... Well, over the weekend there was some discrepancy between my cousin, friend, and I. I am very grateful for this "conversation" we had because I learned stuff that I thought I knew but didn't, apparently, which made me realize some things. As many of you already know,... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Outfit of The Day

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm back.... So Tuesday was   reallly nice here in Pittsburgh, I did wear a sweater and jeans but it was actually perfect, I wasn't too warm or cold! The weather has been really nice lately, I guess Spring is in full swing now... Thank goodness because I was tired of the... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Coffee Talk

  Good Afternoon everyone! Yes, I know.... Nope, I'm alive! Lol, so anyway I am back and I plan to be on my blogging game for a while, BUT, I have a new schedule that is going to work better for me, and that is Mondays! I will do one blog/week and that will be... Continue Reading →

Happy? Friday!

WELCOME BEAUTIFUL!!! So today was a day.... UGHHH, It was terrifying and crazy and concerning and sad and stressful... My morning first started off as terrifying and concerning because I got some information that is not mine to tell but was not pleasant AT ALL....I was worried sick all day about this and terrified of... Continue Reading →

Easy Workouts :)

"The only bad workout is the one you do not do!" Hey guys, I am back with a new blogggggg! So what I have for you today is 7 fairly easy workouts I put together that you can do in the morning, afternoon, night, whenever! I am in no way a professional, these are just... Continue Reading →

I’m Vegetarian?!+Weight Loss

"You can feel sore tomorrow. Or you can feel sorry. You choose." Happy Sunday everyone!!!! So today I have for you my recent lifestyle changes! Yes, the title is true... I am a VEGETARIAN!! I recently saw this video of how animals on farms/where they are "made into food" are treated and how they're made... Continue Reading →

Thursday’s #ootd

"Sore. The most satisfying pain." -Unkown Welcome back, or if you're new, helloo, my name is DeDe! I'm still doing my usual post on Sunday but I thought my outfit today was so cute so I wanted to show you guys what I wore. I had an okay day, I wasn't as tired in the... Continue Reading →

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